Stonehill Pottery Shop

Text Box: Functional Pottery

3D Grape Vase, 11H x 7W, $120

Hand Sculpted Stoneware Platter, $125

3D Grape Motif Calla Lilly Slab Vase, 20H x 5W, $98

3D Grape Vase, 9H x 7W,


3D Pitcher, wheel thrown, 11H x 9W


Sugar and Creamer, 7H $60

Brie Dish, with Mice, 3H x 8W


Platter, with Mouse & Cheese,

2H x 12W


Berry bowl, 5H x 11W


Double Tray, 2H x 16W, $55

Three Corner Bowl, 4H x 12W

Stonehill Pottery Shop, 145 Union Valley Road, Newfoundland, NJ 07435-1604 USA (973) 697-4114

Ginger Jar, 7H x 5W, $54

Mug, 6H x 5W, $16

Pedestal Bowl, 6H x 10W, $58

Goat Casserole, $125


Cow Casserole, 10W x 11H, $135


Brown Cow Bowl, 9W x 7H, $60

Bunny Pot, $125

Rooster Pot, 13H x 8W, $105

Sheep Casserole, 10W x 10H, $125

Lizard Casserole, $110

Three Bird Bowl, 8W x 5H, $40

Three Mouse Bowl, 8H x 5W, $40

Swirl Bowl, 12W x 4H, $60

Footed Trays, 7L, $27 each

Mugs, $20 each


Blue Bird Pitcher, $78

Moose Casserole, $130

Honey Pot with Bee, 7 tall, $38

Elf Man on Cookie Jar, 13H x 7W


Elf Man on Clay Log, 8H x 6W, $65

Incised Flower Motif, 10W x 3 H, $38

Gravyboat, 10W x 6H, $54

Gravyboat, 9W x 5H, $48

Incised Flower Motif, 10W x 3H, $38

Cut-out Bowl, 13W, $76